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Has Your Company Announced Layoffs? How to Negotiate a Better Severance Package Without Burning Bridges

Getting laid off is rarely something you can control. But what you can control is how you leave a company! This article outlines important information…

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Get What You’re Worth in Executive Compensation Negotiations

This article describes items which may be unknown to executives during employment offer negotiations, such as Stock Appreciation Rights (SARs), Private Company Equity packages, Supplemental…

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As Nation is Flooded by Layoffs — A Tsunami of Severance Packages Hits Career Protection®

We hate to say “we told you so,” but Career Protection’s Annual 2008 Layoffs Forecast was correct in its prediction of massive layoffs for this…

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U.S. is flooded by pink slips— A blizzard of severance packages hits Career

As nation’s unemployment rate bolted above 6 percent for the first time in five years, employees seek legal advice from Career Protection. Severance pay is…

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Annual Layoffs Forecast: 2008 Executive Survey Finds Severe Job Cuts to be Made This Year

Career Protection’s® Annual Layoffs Forecast predicts a 37% increase in companies planning layoffs and reductions in workforce this year. New York, NY January 28, 2008…

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Citigroup to Cut 17,000, Employees Seek Counsel from Career Protection

Citigroup’s announcement that it will lay off thousands has flooded Career Protection’s® offices with thousands of phone calls and website inquiries from employees seeking counsel…

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Donald Trump Says ‘You’re Fired’ and Now Former Trump Executive Vice President Needs Severance Package Negotiations Expert

Career Protection will provide free consultation and expert severance pay negotiations advice for ‘Apprentice’ co-star and longtime employee of the Trump Organization. New York, NY…

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Career Protection® Passes Milestone with its 2,000,000 Inquiry from Employees Seeking Negotiation Advice About Employment and Severance Agreements

Career Protection® has helped hundreds of executives and professionals who have been laid off, outsourced, or terminated obtain substantial severance pay packages. New York, NY…

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Recent Bankruptcy Filing Leads Concerned Executives and Employees to Seek Counsel from Career Protection®

Delphi’s bankruptcy filing just one day after providing executives with sweet severance deals has flooded Career Protection®’s offices with thousands of phone calls and website…

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