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NBC News How to Negotiate Severance Pay Packages

NBC Interview of

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CBS News Interview of

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10 Tips For Negotiating A Big, Fat Severance Deal

Business Insider interviews Career Protection’s CEO on severance packages. Go to the article: Read Full Article

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This Wall Street Journal article includes tips on obtaining a good severance deal. Go to the article: Read Full Article

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Total Picture, a popular radio talk show, interview of Career Protection

Peter Clayton, the host of Total Picture Radio, considers Career Protection “the go-to guys when it comes to employment agreements and severance package negotiations. This…

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How to Negotiate a Better Buyout Offer

By Lisa Scherzer Published: March 6, 2008 EMPLOYERS CUT SOME 17,000 jobs in January, spurring the first negative turn in job growth since 2003. And,…

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Big layoffs no longer limited to finance, housing

Home Depot, Lockheed Martin, others announce head count reductions; restrained hiring in recent years means it’s harder to cut By Mark Bruno February 4, 2008…

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Firm makes sure workers don’t sell themselves short. Career Protection helps those in severance and employment situations.

By Chris Walsh, Rocky Mountain News September 20, 2006 The phone calls began trickling into Career Protection early last week, fueled by rumors that Ford…

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