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As Human Resources and employment law experts, Career Protection's® mission is to use our corporate knowledge of over 30 years worth of experience, to advise executives and senior professionals every step of the way as they enter or exit a company so they achieve the right employment or severance agreement, with the best job offer pay or severance package of executive compensation, benefits, incentives, and much more. We know the "secrets of HR" and how companies deal with employees. We know the laws, we know your employment rights, we know compensation and benefits, and we know the tricks of corporate employers and the pitfalls of being hired, fired, laid off, or retired that you should avoid.

BEFORE YOU SPEAK FURTHER with a company's management or HR, talk with us. As HR and employment law experts on your side, we know what you should say and what not to say, what to ask for and what not to mention. Protect your career and financial future with Career Protection® — your advantage in employment negotiations!.®

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