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About Career Protection ®

For more than 30 years, our human resource and legal experts at Career Protection ® have advised, and protected the careers of thousands of professionals. We have created hundreds of employment agreements, benefits, severance pay, and retirement packages which have been accepted by corporations because we formerly worked in corporate HR and/or legal departments! For more than 3 decades, our HR and legal experts have served as Vice Presidents of Human Resources, Directors of Human Resources, Corporate Counsel/Attorneys, or Recruiters for many Fortune 500 and Global Corporations.

When senior professionals and executives transition in or out of a company, there is a myriad of issues to consider. Compensation, severance, benefits, retirement accounts, non-compete clauses, discrimination, and other legal rights are being negotiated and can dramatically affect your career. Once a company, its management, and its Human Resources/Personnel Department make a decision about your employment, you need advice specifically tailored to you, your experience, and your employment situation.

Most people, even experienced executives, are often unaware of their rights, their value, or what they are entitled to under the law. All companies have HR and legal professionals on their side, you should too!

We provide rapid response and total service for ONE AFFORDABLE FIXED FEE. Unlike others, we do NOT bill by the number of pages in your agreement nor the time spent working with you!

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