Donald Trump Says ‘You’re Fired’ and Now Former Trump Executive Vice President Needs Severance Package Negotiations Expert

Career Protection will provide free consultation and expert severance pay negotiations advice for ‘Apprentice’ co-star and longtime employee of the Trump Organization.

New York, NY (PRWEB) September 5, 2006 — Carolyn Kepcher, who sat beside Donald Trump during many employment terminations on the ‘Apprentice”, had the boardroom table turned on her and has been let go. Kepcher, a co-star with Trump from the start of the ‘Apprentice’ and Chief Operating Officer of two of Trump’s golf courses, has been offered severance pay package negotiation advice by the employment law and human resources experts of

“The shock of her dismissal reported Friday proves that anyone, even a longtime star performer of a company, can have their employment terminated without notice, for any reason, and at any time. Kirk Nemer, J.D., SPHR, President and CEO of Career Protection®, has offered Ms. Kepcher his employment law expert negotiation advice for her severance pay package.

“Executives and professional employees need expert advice and counsel on their side during such difficult and stressful times,” Nemer stated. “Severance pay and packages must be negotiated as they are not a ‘take-it-or-leave-it’ situation,” Nemer added.

Nemer said that “companies want a General Release of Legal Claims in exchange for a severance package, and will happily negotiate its terms to get one”. “We would like to assist Kepcher with a severance pay negotiations strategy that would enable her to get the best severance package from the Trump Organization,” Nemer adds.

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