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I highly recommend the services of Career Protection for any executive in the process of negotiating a Separation and Release of Claims Agreement. I appreciated the attorney’s thorough knowledge of employment law as well his keen and accurate understanding of how a Corporate Human Resources Department would respond. The employment attorney truly helped me through a stress-filled process with his calm, levelheaded guidance.

The end result: even though my company had stated their first severance package offer was non-negotiable, I received three (3) additional months of severance pay (a 150% increase!), several thousands of dollars in cash for executive search help, and even additional PTO pay. What I received in my new severance package more than paid for their one-fixed-fee! Career Protection ensured the language in the agreement was mutually protective and enabled me to exit with my integrity in tact, and without burning any bridges!

--Vice President, Fortune 100 Company, Chicago, IL

I would be remiss if I did not thank you for your for handling my recent employment situation. As a result of your involvement, knowledge and expertise, I was able to gain a significant, additional over $100,000 financial benefit and greater personal legal protection than was originally offered by my employer. Your efforts on my behalf were priceless!

Thanks again,

Chris B.

I just wanted to thank you and the team at Career Protection for the excellent service in negotiating my severance package and Separation Agreement. Finding out just 48 hours before a pre-paid, three-week vacation that you are getting laid off and only having two weeks to sign a severance agreement is rough enough, but as a senior professional, I simply didn't know what legalese to look out for, that I could negotiate more, or what was reasonable to ask for. Career Protection provided exactly what I needed with a fixed rate for services and years of negotiating experience.

I recommend Career Protection to anyone who is presented a legal document from Human Resources. In the end, my severance package's value increased by fifteen (15) times the fee charged by Career Protection. That's an excellent return on investment, not to mention the peace of mind.

G. Dance
Sr. Corporate Director

Thank you for your excellent service Leaving a company at a Vice President level can be challenging especially when complications exist. You were very professional throughout the process, which assisted with my peace of mind. Additionally, the creativity and solid experience that you brought to my situation resulted in my securing a very amenable severance package. I believe that all stones were unturned in what needed to be addressed with my exit. You were also very accessible when timing was critical. I highly recommend your service to other professionals who are dealing with impending exits from their companies. Thank you again for your excellent service.

Mary D.
VP & GM, Global Software Company

I want to thank Career Protection for your excellent counsel in helping me obtain a much better severance package than what was originally offered to me. As I'm sure you have heard from others, going through this process is/was very stressful and uncharted waters for me. And, a process that without your help would have been even harder to get through. Your advice and counsel was spot on and I am in a much better position, both financially and emotionally, knowing I have received a fair package from my former employer and left with a smile!
You have a quote at the end of your emails; "The best exercise for the heart-- Bend down and pick someone up...Tim Russert". You did exactly that for me - Thank you.

Best regards,

J. Maggio

"Career Protection Services provided outstanding and affordable legal services at a time of crisis for me. At every critical point when I needed feedback, I received timely phone calls and solid advice to navigate a hostile work environment. I was employed by a company for many years as a National Sales Executive and had a proven track record of success, but the management team was terminating certain employees unfairly without any severance packages. I was able to leave the company on my terms and ultimately did receive a very substantial severance package. Career Protection supported me every step of the way so I could achieve my goal of leaving my past employer with dignity and secure a new job. Whereas some attorneys make you feel like it is just about the money, Career Protection sincerely cares about their clients and is compassionate during stressful times at work. I would highly recommend retaining their services early on during conflictive or challenging situations with your employer to put yourself in a position of strength versus being a victim. I could not have effectively handled this challenging situation on my own so I am very appreciative of Career Protection!"

S. Daugherty
National Sales Executive

I hired Career Protection in 2007 to help me with a need. They were extremely knowledgeable and professional and did an outstanding job with my need. They communicated every step in the process to me and promptly handled my severance package negotiations. The compensation negotiations brought forth a mutually agreeable solution. I would highly recommend Career Protection.

R. George
Software Development Executive

During a stressful period of high emotions and high personal stakes as I was negotiating to leave my employer, Career Protection services guided me every step of the way. Their legal advice was right on target predicting how my employer would react. Career Protection quickly responded to all my concerns and questions at all times. In the end, I got everything and more that Career Protection stated I should receive in my severance package.

I am extremely grateful for the advice and support I benefited from; I could not have achieved the significant results without Career Protection by my side.

Healthcare Executive

Career Protection’s advice and services were invaluable. I have recommended them to others and would do so again in the future.

Chrisa H.
Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Executive

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