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Why Career Protection?

We are amazed at how many executives and senior professionals willingly agree to poor employment and severance pay packages, which waive their legal rights and gives money away. These employment agreements and severance pay packages will hurt their careers years later as the employees agreed to terms and covenants that decreased their financial future and restricted their careers.We’ve witnessed hundreds of educated professionals signing agreements which lowered their salaries, commissions, bonuses, severance, vacation, insurance benefits, retirement, and/or did not contain the perks/incentives that others at their level received. They did this because they did not know what to ask for, and/or, they were afraid to ask.

That’s why we created Career Protection®, to help and protect professional careers. As Employment Attorneys and former HR executives, we decided to use our inside corporate knowledge and expertise to advise executives and senior professionals who are either entering or exiting a company through every step of the way to achieve a fair agreement, with the best package of compensation, benefits, incentives and much more. Corporations have attorneys and HR experts on their side, you should too!

At Career Protection®, we’re on your side to protect your career and financial future. Get Career Protection—Your advantage in employment negotiations®.

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