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How many times have you accepted an executive or professional position with what you thought was a great compensation, benefits, and incentives/“perks” package, only to learn after you start with the new company that other employees at your same level have a much better package?

…and what you were told during employment negotiations is not true, and you did not receive what you were entitled with your experience? …and what the company said it could not give you was actually provided to others? …and that you consented to terms and clauses in your employment agreement which restrict your legal rights and could hurt your professional career?

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"I received a job offer from a company which was lower than I expected. I was afraid to ask for more, but after speaking with Career Protection I knew how much I was worth and the compensation, benefits, and incentive package I should be given at my experience level. They coached me through the entire negotiation process, provided me with invaluable information, and I got it all in my final offer! I highly recommend Career Protection to any professional who is making a job change."

Senior Finance Manager - Los Angeles, CA

The only time you are truly able to obtain a solid increase in compensation and benefits is when you are negotiating a job offer with a new company. As you know, once you become an employee, you must wait until the next annual salary review, and then you only get a small percentage increase. You cannot change any other terms of your original employment agreement after you have signed it.

As former Chief HR Officers and Vice Presidents of Human Resources, with over 30 years of managing and representing Fortune 500 corporate HR departments, we utilize our inside knowledge of how companies develop their employment offers, Employment Agreements, compensation and benefits packages.!

As a former Vice President of Human Resources, and HR experts, with over 17 years of managing and representing Fortune 500 corporate HR departments, we utilize our inside knowledge of how companies develop their compensation and benefits packages.

We offer the ONLY fixed-fee service providing customized techniques empowering you to negotiate on a level playing field with the corporations. We know the corporate HR and legal secrets to get you the best job offer and employment compensation package possible while building the respect of your new employer.

When senior professionals and executives transition in or out of a company, there is a myriad of issues to consider. Compensation, severance, benefits, retirement accounts, non-compete clauses, discrimination and other legal rights are being negotiated and can dramatically affect your career. Most people, even experienced executives, are often unaware of their rights, their value, or what they are entitled to under the law.

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