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Perhaps you’ve been “fired”, “downsized”, “laid off”, “let go”, “outsourced”, “discharged”, “position eliminated”, “restructured”, or some other euphemism for being terminated. Yes, this is a stressful time in your life, but being terminated from your company could be the best for you and your career! Millions of times a year, people leave jobs for other ones.

Perhaps your company has already handed you a severance package? It’s not a “take it or leave it” situation—you can and must negotiate your severance package in order to obtain what you deserve and have earned.

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“I would recommend Career Protection® to anyone who is being laid-off or outsourced. They are competent, knowledgeable, and reliable. Their understanding of employment laws and incredible negotiation skills increased my severance package by two months, got the company to pay my health insurance, and eased the pain of a difficult situation.”

Sr. Corporate Recruiter-Denver, CO

“As a Senior Executive exiting a corporation under challenging circumstances, Career Protection®’s advice was directly responsible for achieving a win-win resolution. I received the appropriate compensation and benefits, and was able to exit gracefully. These things would not have occurred without this service, and they saved me the expense of having to hire an attorney! Thanks Career Protection®!”

Vice President of Marketing, Detroit, MI

We are on your side to make sure you don’t get hurt when leaving your company. With over 30 years of managing and legally representing corporate HR Departments, our unique knowledge, along with litigation experience on behalf of employees, allows us to help you work within your company’s system to diffuse unfair situations, protect your legal rights, and make sure you get what you deserve. There are items you are entitled to by law; rights, money, and benefits you may be unaware of, and you do not want to leave things out of your severance package. We will help you deal with your company’s management and HR department.

Contact us now BEFORE you sign anything or speak to anyone else within your company! As HR and employment law experts on your side, we know what you should say and not say, what to ask for and what not to mention. Protect your career and financial future with Career Protection®—your advantage in employment negotiations! ®

You only pay one affordable fixed fee, and we’re on your side from beginning to end! We do not bill by the hours spent working with you!

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