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1) Strategic Negotiation Consultation, so you will know how to leverage and what to utilize in negotiating with your company’s HR and corporate management.

2) Complete Legal Review of your employment/severance/separation/release agreement by an employment attorney to be certain it is compliant with federal and state law, along with explanation of your agreement and all drafting of amendments to the agreement.

3) Complete Compensation, Benefits, Incentives/Perks package creation, so you know what you have earned and should be receiving.

4) Total Career Assessment, including market evaluation of your compensation, benefits, incentives and perks package utilizing national compensation surveys, so you know what you’re worth and what you should ask for

ONE AFFORDABLE FIXED FEE for total package services, we don’t bill by the hour or by number of pages. Our Discounted Fixed Fee will be determined upon the complexity of your employment matter.

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