Recent Bankruptcy Filing Leads Concerned Executives and Employees to Seek Counsel from Career Protection®

Delphi’s bankruptcy filing just one day after providing executives with sweet severance deals has flooded Career Protection®’s offices with thousands of phone calls and website inquiries from employees seeking counsel and negotiation advice about severance pay packages. Think that severance packages are just for a few executives at the top? Think again — Career Protection® has helped hundreds of professionals who have been laid off, outsourced, or terminated obtain substantial severance packages.

Denver, CO (PRWEB) October 11, 2005 — Delphi Corp.’s bankruptcy filing Saturday has flooded Career Protection®’s offices with phone calls and thousands of website inquiries from employees asking about their severance pay packages. The nation’s largest auto supplier’s bankruptcy filing sent shock waves through its 50,000 U.S. employees. Delphi, No. 63 on the 2005 Fortune 500 list of the country’s largest corporations, has 185,000 employees worldwide.

“Hundreds of employees are calling us and blasting Delphi’s decision to file for bankruptcy just one day after sweetening the severance packages of 21 top executives. So many educated executives and professionals believe that severance packages are rarely provided, or, cannot be negotiated,” says Kirk Nemer, president of Career Protection® and employment negotiations legal advisor to Fortune 500 professionals. “Delphi’s recent severance packages have proven that even bankrupt companies will provide generous severance and separation benefits, and they can be obtained by any employee.”

The human resource and employment law experts at Career Protection® have recently been inundated with calls and website inquiries from employees of other recently bankrupt filing companies, such as Delta and Northwest Airlines.

“Many professionals have excellent opportunities to negotiate a severance package, but continue to believe that severance pay is a ‘take it or leave it’ situation and make the mistake of signing separation release agreements with restrictive covenants written by, and for, the company without even thinking about the impact on their future careers,” Nemer states. “Even with job offers, senior executives and professionals don’t know what to ask for or how to negotiate them.”

Career Protection®’s human resource and legal experts offer a unique program to advise executives and senior professionals so they achieve the best employment agreements and considerable severance pay packages as they enter or exit a company.

“Career Protection®’s experts showed me how to negotiate with a large company’s human resources department and ask for benefits I would have never thought about obtaining,” Sheila Lofton, executive of Colgate-Palmolive, says. “They guided me to a successful resolution without legal escalation.”

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